Keyword Studio Pro

Professional Keyword Research made simple.

Keyword Studio PRO is a fast and reliable online SEO tool created to help SEOs, small digital agencies & copywriters with topic research tasks.

You probably know that “Keyword research” is not – all – about search volume.

It’s much more.

It's about…

Search Intent.

Trying to identify the primary goal a user has when searching a query in a search engine.

SERP results and competitors.

Analyzing what others do – and write – within search engines to reach the top results.

LSI, keywords, entities and topic clustering.

Collect a lot of terms related from third party solutions and classify all captured data for a depth analysis.

That's a lot of job to do.

And Keyword Studio Pro will help you a lot.

But… one moment. What if…

…it wasn’t enough?

What about fresh news?

Do you consider news on a particular relevant topic when you are studying it? Ok, We collect news too.

In fact, it's more than text.

Do you need photos – or videos – related with your keyword? We do too. Collect from more than 20 different online sources.

What about other reputable sources of valuable information?

Google is not Internet. Forgot to mention we take a look for your Keyword inside Wikipedia, Amazon, Youtube, Quora and other relevant websites.

In any language.

Any country.

But with Keyword Studio Pro.

and 3 additional features:
Pay Per Use.
This is not a subscription. It’s a breeze on your recurring monthly fees.
Direct to the inbox.

You are only 15 min. away from getting the tech report in your mailbox.

And last but not least,
Fair price.

Not expensive. Not cheap either. It’s just the right price.

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